“Earning N200K in Nigeria is better than £2000 in UK” – Air Peace boss, Allen Onyema

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The CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema emphasizes Naira’s strenght in a discussion where he compared the financial position of an individual earning N200K to someone earning £2000 in the UK.

During his appearance as a guest on TVC, Onyema discussed the economic challenges and the strength of the Naira. He acknowledged that a significant portion of the economic issues is “artificial”.

Allen Onyema further explained that with a monthly income of 200,000 Naira, a Nigerian can afford to hire a maid, a driver, and other domestic staff.

Expressing his belief that the Naira holds more value than commonly perceived in comparison to foreign currencies, he urged Nigerians to refrain from devaluing the country.

In his words, “Go to London, if you earn two thousand pounds a month in London, you’re a pauper. What two thousand pounds can afford you is like two thousand Naira. The person earning two hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is better.”

Watch the video below …

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