Dare Akinrodoye, Swims the Entire Length of Third Mainland Bridge Within 2 Hours And 33 Minutes

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Nigerian swim coach impresses many as he swims the whole length of the Third Mainland Bridge.

Dare Akinrodoye, a Nigerian man, completes a daring feat by swimming the whole length of Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge.

The swimmer, known as Coach Dreh, took on the responsibility of raising awareness about suicide and despair.

He stated that he was previously sad and would have committed suicide himself if he had not developed an interest in swimming.

According to him, the Third Mainland Bridge was the most common venue for public suicides in Lagos.

The event took place in Lagos, today the 30th of March and had many attendees as well as his medical team present to support him.

The Lagos state commissioner for youth and sports, Mobolaji Ogunlende was also in attendance to represent the state government and show their solidarity.

He swam the entire length of the bridge, which was a total of 11.8 kilometers, without stopping, completing the swim in 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Watch the video below

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