Nigeria Police Recruitment Medical Screening Schedule Slip April 2024 – How to Download

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The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is almost done picking new police officers! If you applied to be one, here’s what to expect for the medical check:

Great News! You’re Chosen

If you’re picked, you’ll get an email or text from NPF. It’ll tell you:

  • You made it to the medical check!
  • When and where: It’ll say when and where to go for your checkup so everything goes smoothly.
  • Where: It mentions the place for the checkup. For example, it could be at Bompai Cottage Hospital in Kano State at 11:00 AM on April 24th, 2024. (But it might be different for others).
  • Link: There’s a link to the NPF website for more info. How to Get Your Checkup Schedule
    • Go to the NPF website:
    • Find the link to download the checkup schedule.
    • Fill in your info like National Identification Number (NIN) and application number.
    • Once you do, you’ll see your checkup schedule on the screen.
    • Print it out to keep a record.
    Remember, it’s important to have a printed copy of your checkup schedule, so don’t forget to bring one on the day of your checkup.

Nigeria Police Recruitment Medical Screening Schedule Slip April 2024 – How to Download

What to Expect at the Screening

The screening is to see if you are healthy and ready for police work. Here’s what you might do:

Medical Check-up: A doctor will check your health. They might check your eyes, ears, blood pressure, and ask about your medical history.

Tests (for Some Jobs): If you applied for a special police job and didn’t do computer tests, you might do practical tests.

Important Things to Remember:

Go to Police College: If you pass the medical check-up, you’ll go to Police College for training.

High Standards: The NPF picks the best candidates. The process is tough to make sure officers can protect people in Nigeria well.

Stay Ready and Active

Reply Fast: If you get an invitation, reply quickly.

Check Messages: Look at your email and phone often for messages from the NPF.

Get Ready for Tests: You might not know exactly what tests you’ll do, but make sure you’re rested and drink water before the screening.

Dress Well: Wear clean and professional clothes to show you respect the screening process.”

Enhancing Security Infrastructure

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) seeks driven and devoted young individuals from Nigeria, eager to contribute to community service and bolster national security. If you’re among those selected for the medical evaluation, seize this opportunity to join the effort and contribute positively.

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