We’re holding Bobrisky in male facility; we’ll protect him from $£xual predators: Correctional Service

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Idris ‘Bobrisky’ Okuneye, a crossdresser who delights in adorning female outfits, will be kept in the male section of the prison facility throughout his six-month imprisonment, media has reliably learnt from officials of the Nigerian Correctional Service.

Justice Abimbola Awogboro of the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court on Friday sentenced Bobrisky to jail after he pleaded guilty to a four-count charge of naira abuse.

Bobrisky told Ms Awogboro that he was a man when asked to clarify his gender status before the court. The Gazette was told that his answer would later inform the prison officials to keep him in the facility designated for men.

“Since he admitted to being a male in court, then we have to abide by what was submitted in court,” the correctional spokesperson told our masthead on Friday. 

Prison officials also said Bobrisky will be offered adequate protection from other inmates who might want to sexually violate him.

“He shouldn’t be afraid of sexual assault from other male inmates because our men can give him protection.”

Bobrisky, posting a video of him clutching what appeared to be bosoms and posing half-naked in a bathrobe, has given his five million Instagram followers the impression that he has transitioned to a female.

In one of his photos on Instagram, he wrote, “My journey transitioning into a woman has been going smooth, no health issues, everything is going smooth for me.” 

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