BREAKING: Repentant Boko Haram Member Enlisted Into Nigerian Army Sl!ts Woman’s Thr0at In Enugu Barracks, Hides Corpse

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Private Mohammed Adamu with service number 21NA/80/0365 has been identified as the alleged killer of the woman who was stabbed inside the 82nd (Airborne and Amphibious) Division of the Nigerian Army. 

It was earlier reported how the lifeless body of the woman wearing hijab was discovered on Friday by the daughter of an army lieutenant around the division’s officers quarters.

“A lifeless body of a lady who was stabbed by an unknown person was discovered yesterday in 82 division barracks,” a source had said.

“The body was discovered by the daughter of an Army lieutenant who was taking food to her dad who is working on their farm somewhere around the division officers quarters

“And the knife used in killing the same lady was dropped off close to the body while the body was wrapped with the hijab she was wearing.”

While the army authorities have refused to comment on the incident, SaharaReporters learnt on Saturday evening that the killer has been identified as Pte Mohammed Adamu working with the division’s legal service.

Adamu and the deceased which was identified as Hauwa were said to be lovers. 

According to two senior military officers who spoke to media, the suspect (soldier) was a repented Boko Haram member who after his repentance joined the Civilian Joint Task Force and was later enlisted into the Nigerian Army in the year 2021.

The Nigerian Army had between 2020 and 2021 absorbed 400 members of the civilian JTF into its fold to assist in prosecuting the war against Boko Haram terrorists.

“The suspect behind the murder of Miss Hauwa, the hijab woman is 21NA/80/0365 Pte Mohammed Adamu of 82Div legal services.

“Unfortunately, Pte Mohammed Adamu is a repented Boko Haram member who after his repentance joined the civilian JTF. It was from being a CJTF that he was enlisted into the Army in the year 2021. 

“Investigation revealed that Miss Hauwa and Pte Mohammed Adamu were both lovers and from same town in Biu local government area of Borno state. He, Pte Mohammed Adamu paid her transport to come over to Enugu and killed her. He is currently in custody of the military police and his statement has been taken in which he confessed to the act. 

“The late Hauwa was pregnant for Pte Adamu Mohammed before he slit her throat, stabbed her belly multiple times and tied her up in the bush near the 82Div officers quarters, on the early hours of Friday 12th of April. 

“In his statement, Pte Mohammed Adamu claimed that the pregnancy the late Hauwa was carrying wasn’t his own, and he is not ready to father any child yet and he lured her out.”

When confronted that the Nigerian army had denied recruiting ex-Boko Haram into the military, the source said, “Not everything the army headquarters will agree to, we in the system understand better. 

“These are the people we work with everyday. They repent first and join the CJTF, it’s from the CTJF that they do join the military. That’s how it’s being done, not that they do join immediately after repentance.

“We have lots of them, one of the guys in my unit then, late Pte Abdalla from Yobe State was a repented boko Haram.” 

Another source also confirmed the arrest of Adamu as the killer of the pregnant woman. 

“I know Mohammed Adamu is in custody of the military police and has narrated that he killed miss Hauwa and stabbed the baby in her stomach

“Adamu is the bathman to Major HY Shehu, the persecuting counsel and also DDLS of 82 Division. He killed her with pregnancy over alleged infidelity and her body has been deposited at the 82 division military hospital.

“The body was discovered by the daughter of Lieutenant A Jackson on her way to meet her dad in the farm.” 

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