Categories of jobs under UK skilled work visa with 48% wage increase [FULL LIST]

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The UK government announced an increase in the general salary threshold by 48 per cent for Nigerian immigrants and other foreigners arriving on a Skilled Work visa.

According to the Home Secretary, James Cleverly, who  made the announcement on behalf of the United Kingdom government, the increase jumped from £26,200 to £38,700. 

The purpose of the increase for the UK skilled work visa was to cut migration and put British workers first in force.

According to the information on the its website updated on April 4, 2024, the UK businesses are now required to pay overseas workers coming to the UK on a Skilled Worker visa significantly more.

Cleverly said: “It’s time to turn off the taps and end the flow of cheap workers from abroad. 

“Mass migration is unsustainable and it’s simply not fair. It undercuts the wages of hard-working people who are just trying to make ends meet. 

“We are refocusing our immigration system to prioritise the brightest and best who have the skills our economy needs, while reducing overall numbers.

“I promised the British people an immigration system that serves their interests, and to bring numbers down – these tough measures deliver on that commitment. Employers must also play their part and put British workers first.”

The UK listed the conditions attached to the categories of jobs found under the skilled work visa for those seeking to work through the scheme. 

For salary requirements, it reads: “You’ll usually need to be paid the ‘standard’ salary rate of at least £38,700 per year, or the ‘going rate’ for your job, whichever is higher.

“Your salary is £39,000 per year, but the annual going rate for the job you’ll be doing is £45,000. You do not meet the usual salary requirements for this visa.

“Each occupation code has its own annual going rate. Check the going rate for your job in the going rates table.”

However, it further states that, “If you work in healthcare or education, there are different salary rules if you work in some healthcare or education jobs, where the going rate is based on national pay scales.”

“If you do not meet the usual salary requirements, and you do not work in healthcare or education, you might still be eligible if your salary will be at least £30,960 per year,” it added.

Some of the jobs and their codes under the skilled work visa are seen below.

1111 Chief executives and senior officials

1121 Production managers and directors in manufacturing

1122 Production managers and directors in construction

1123 Production managers and directors in mining and energy

1131 Financial managers and directors

1132 Marketing, sales and advertising directors

1133 Public relations and communications directors

1134 Purchasing managers and directors

1135 Charitable organisation managers and directors

1136 Human resource managers and directors

1137 Information technology directors

1139 Functional managers and directors not elsewhere classified

1140 Directors in logistics, warehousing and transport

1150 Managers and directors in retail and wholesale

1162 Senior police officers

Others can be viewed here.

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