Only PhD Students Permitted to Bring Dependants to UK – Envoy

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The United Kingdom, UK, has announced that only international students arriving for their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies are permitted to bring dependents into the country.

Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, revealed this information during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday.

He explained that the recent policy shift in the educational system, which prevents international students in higher education from bringing dependents to the UK, aims to address the rising trend of foreign students bringing independents.

Montgomery emphasized that the significant increase in dependents was straining many universities beyond sustainability, prompting the need for these adjustments.

Before assuming his role as High Commissioner to Nigeria, Montgomery had engaged with several universities regarding this policy change, which had been under consideration for some time.

Montgomery highlighted that university Chancellors had expressed concerns over the growing student populations, citing challenges such as accommodation shortages, limited access to medical services within the National Health Service, and potential strain on school resources if dependents were allowed.

He clarified that these restrictions do not apply universally and exempt those pursuing long-term research degrees, such as PhDs or doctorates, from the regulations.

“Those coming to the UK for doctorate can still bring their dependency but if you are coming to the UK with a study visa for an undergraduate degree, or short term master’s degree am afraid the rules have been changed.

“People need to understand why this change was brought in, and it is a sensible change because we have a large higher education sector and most of these universities are in towns across the country,” he added.

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