Lady acts abnormally after being dropped by roadside

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Young lady begins to act abnormally in a trending video as she’s dropped by the roadside in Ibadan.

A trending report revealed that the young lady was dropped off by the roadside by an unknown individual at Roundabout, Ibadan.

lady acting abnormally dropped roadside
Young lady acts abnormally.

She began acting in an abnormal way, sitting on the grass and swinging her head around abnormally in a way that attracted the attention of passersby.

In the video that was shared on social media, the young lady who was wearing a black outfit was seen sitting on the grass and uttering inaudible words while at the same time, swinging her head from right to left.

A crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the lady as they found the sight to be unusual.

Read some comments from netizens below:

tobiii9___ said: “She wan use bone straight
Nice one guys I’m proud of you”

aotlekan said: “Going out and returning back safely is highly underrated. May we not fall victim of this!!😢😢😢😢”

bosz_vicxsto said: “No be everything be ritual, before ritual or yahoo+ come, ppl don dey craze all over the world. It might be depression, drugs or other things that lead to this her condition. Take her to the hospital and stop recording.. Ozwor generation”

papi_demillie said: “Before you blame her, she could just have trusted the person and she got messed up. We don’t know the full story. Let’s not use what we just see to start labeling her dreadful appellation”

shegun_jp said:”As expected
Work you no go work you Dey find rich boy”

Watch the video below:

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