IPPIS Staff Members Requesting N50,000 Bribe To Facilitate Our Salary Increment After Promotion, Nigerian Police Officers Allege

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The latest lamentation comes from junior police officers of the Inspectorate cadre, and the rank and file who were promoted in 2023.

Since the introduction of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) as the payment mode for workers under the employ of the Nigerian government, there have been complaints among workers.

The latest lamentation comes from junior police officers of the Inspectorate cadre, and the rank and file who were promoted in 2023.

The aggrieved police personnel while speaking to SaharaReporters accused officials in charge of IPPIS of demanding N50,000 from them before they could be paid the new salaries meant for their new ranks.

Before the introduction of IPPIS, workers in tertiary institutions were paid through the Government Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMIS).

It was introduced by the government in October 2006 as part of its reform initiatives to effectively store personnel records and promote transparency and accountability.

“I’m a police officer and this information is about some staff members who are on IPPIS. We want well-meaning Nigerians to help us beg them. We have tried all our best, even the police authorities have reached out to them but no difference,” an aggrieved policeman revealed.

“About 10,000 of us were promoted in 2023. I was promoted from unconfirmed Inspector to confirmed Inspector in October 2023. But till now, others and I promoted have yet to be paid salaries as confirmed Inspectors. Despite my promotion, I still receive the salary of my former rank.

“So last month, few of us were paid the confirmed Inspector salary while many of us were not paid. But guess what? We realised that the ones that were paid the right salaries bribed their way. They paid N50,000 each to some persons in the IPPIS office and were paid their rightful salaries.

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“Please we need help; we were promoted on 10/9/2023, and have done all the necessary documentation. IPPIS is responsible for our salaries. Only a few of our colleagues were paid, so some of us asked what was wrong and IPPIS staff members secretly told us to pay N50,000 before our salaries could be updated.”

Another officer said, “I was promoted in May 2023 to the rank of Inspector but I’m still earning the same salary as when I was a Sergeant. The promotion is only on paper and possibly my uniform as there is no increase in salary.

“We approached those in IPPIS and were told to pay a bribe like other colleagues enjoying the new salary structure. We are begging Nigerians and President Bola Tinubu to help us as we don’t have any money to pay.”

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