Lady who admits having s£xual relations with d0gs k!lls self

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Lady who admits having sexual relations with dogs kills self

An unknown young lady who admitted on a podcast episode hosted by Nollywood actress, Abiola Adebayo, to engaging in sexual activities with her dogs as a result of addiction stemming from past trauma has taken her own life.


From findings, after the interview with Abiola Adebayo, Nike committed suicide.

She however left a note for Abiola, which one of her friends, Folorunso, sent three days after she killed herself.


Good day ma, my name is folorunsho am Nike friend, am sorry I was only playing along with some messages on Nike phone , Nike died three days ago but as a friend I wanted to know why Nike poisoned herself so I decided to play along with some of her messages maybe I could get an hint .

So this evening I was in her room packing her stuff because her sister is coming to pack them tomorrow then I saw her dairy, so she has message for you that is why i decided to let you know what is happening.

Below is the message she wrote on her diary:

FB IMG 1717916958542
FB IMG 1717916970358


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