UNICAL law students accuse Pofessor Cyril Ndifon of relentless s£xual as$ault on campus

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A protest has erupted at the law department of the University of Calabar, Cross River state, where female law students are demanding an end to the sexual assault and exploitation allegedly perpetrated by the dean, Professor Cyril Ndifon.

“We are tired of sucking dicks,” was boldly scribbled in black ink on a white placard which the students held to express their grievances against Mr Ndifon, dean of the law faculty, according to a video shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday.

“Prof Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe, stop suffocating us!!!,” reads another placard which a female student waved.

The disgruntled students, majority of whom were female and dressed in the signature white shirts on black skirts, had gathered in front of a storey building presumed to be the law faculty, chanting “go”.

Some staff of the university were seen looking at the students through their windows but it was unclear if the aggrieved students were later addressed.

Mr Ndifon was not a stranger to sexual assault charges as he had previously been suspended by the school management in 2016 for allegedly raping a 20-year-old student in his office.

The students hinted the school management may want to keep a lid on the allegations, with another placard that read “Enough of law school list manipulation.”

Accompanied by a few of their male counterparts, the female law students said they were not “bonanzas” and that the law faculty was not a “brothel” for Mr Ndifon to keep “grabbing” them.

They insisted that “professor Ndifon must go” for their “sanity.”

The school management could not be immediately reached for comments as their contact lines have all been switched off.

Sexual assault allegations are rampant in Nigerian institutions where lecturers demand sex from female students in exchange for good grades.

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