Father seeks reward from Nestle, as 2-year-old daughter consumes 212 cans of NAN milk

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A Nigerian father has taken to social media to share that his two-year-old daughter has consumed a staggering 212 cans of NAN 1 & 2 milk.

In a video that has gone viral, the man can be seen expressing his desire for Nestle to compensate him for this remarkable feat.

The caption accompanying the post highlights the father’s belief that his beautiful and healthy-looking baby deserves something amazing from the company.

As he showcases the 212 cans of milk, the father emphasizes that his daughter has consumed them all since birth.

Given the significant quantity of milk consumed, the man asserts that he should receive recognition or some form of compensation from Nestle.

This statement has garnered attention from numerous social media users, who have flooded the comment section with their opinions.



Man shares; That He definitely deserves something Amazing from Nestle. After his beautiful and healthy looking baby, That will be 2 year old in few days. She consumed ( 212 cans of NAN 1 &2 Milk )😱🥺 please how much is Nan ? Guess the Total cost for all this 212 cans 😱🥺 📍📹: Credit : @macbaron_ He wrote👇 See what my baby consumed for almost 2 years now next tomorrow being 8th is her official 2yrs birthday. Someone help me tag @nestle

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See some reactions below:

Peace123: “The baby go soon post him own… how many bags of garri you don chop, they fit use am build house.”

Ogirishi1: “Oga na your child ooo so waitin you want from us..in exchange of the the.. read more.”

haremohorba: “Ask her mama very well. Something is behide it.”

Excellent prince: “u get time to save all this onces that’s sign of unseriousness for 2 years u fit calculate how much you way be adult chop omo I no be story teller.”

divine grace 360: “you will include it in her bride price list when the time is ripe… Mr white horse will pay for everything don’t worry, keep saving up everything until then bro.”

Dimeji: “Make e be tomorrow make him wife say no be him get the pikin, how e go feel.”

Jason…: “Some go come de do hook up later after all this.”

Last Born: “You no buy am once oga and besides the money, no too much for your baby.”

donzaga5: “is not easy for we wey no get money, and still, they give our baby Good Life.”

Arnoldhabib: “It has been determined by this court; you are not the father.”


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