Sokoto-based Islamic Cleric Apologizes for Controversial Statement Calling for the K!lling of Remi Tinubu

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A Sokoto-based Islamic cleric has apologised for publicly saying in a viral video that First Lady Remi Tinubu deserved to be k!lled for being a Pastor and an”infidel.”

He admitted that his interpretation and understanding of the scriptures was wrong, that he should not have made such hateful and inflammatory statement.

In a viral video, the cleric is heard saying the Muslim/ Muslim ticket that brought President Bola Tinubu to power was a scam.

The cleric averred that the wife of the president, “being an infidel should be put to de@th as provided for in the Quran”. He, however, did not provide any chapter or verse of the Quran to support his claim.

“Now, Tinubu, his wife is an infidel. As an infidel, she is a leader among the infidels.

“God’s judgement says she must be k!lled. She’s a pastor… a leader of infidels (Christians); Allah says they must be k!lled…,” he said

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